Ray Rodrigues’ Real Record on the Second Amendment

During Ray’s time in the Florida House of Representatives he supported your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Every time Ray saw a bill that protected your rights as a lawful gunowner, he supported it. Ray has a pro-gun record in the Florida House that spans the past eight years, from his first legislative session in 2013 to his last session this past spring of 2020. Ray fought to defend your Second Amendment rights in the Florida House and will continue to do so in the Florida Senate. Here is Ray’s real record when it comes to defending the Second Amendment.

Legislative Session 2013

HB 545

A memorandum opposing the Obama efforts to weaken our Second Amendment Rights.

Ray Voted Yes

Legislative Session 2014

HB 89

This bill solidified the right of lawful gun owners to threaten the use of force when standing their ground

Ray Voted Yes

HB   753

The bill sought to give school systems the right to have a school safety designee program, where individuals could be designated to carry concealed weapons on school property.

Ray Voted Yes

HB 523

This bill provided the ability for tax collectors to receive and process a concealed weapons permit application.

Ray Voted Yes


Legislative Session 2015

HB 493

When evacuating during an emergency, this bill gives individuals the right to carry a concealed weapon

Ray Voted Yes

Legislative Session 2016

HB 163

This bill sought to extend the rights of those with concealed weapons permits to carry openly as well as concealed.

Ray Voted Yes

HB 4001

A bill to allow those with concealed weapons permits to carry their weapons onto a college campus and into university facilities.

Ray Voted Yes

Legislative Session 2017

HB 779

This bill helped to protect concealed weapons permit holders from receiving penalties if their weapon were to be temporarily openly displayed.

Ray Voted Yes

Legislative Session 2018

HB 7101/ SB 7026

This bill eliminated K-12 schools from the list of gun free zones, created the school Guardian Program to allow qualified Concealed Carry Permit holders who are employees to carry on school grounds. Further, it created the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission with the duty of investigating failures that allowed incidents of mass violence to occur. The bill also had a provision to allow former police officers to continue their service to the community and be re-employed as school resource officers.

Ray voted "Yes"

HB 219

On the floor of the Florida House,  Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith (DEM) moved to waive the Rules of the House and consider HB 219 to ban semi-automatic weapons, ban high capacity magazines, and create a registry of current gun owners.

As Majority Leader, Ray Rodrigues killed it.

Legislative Session 2019

HB 7093/ SB 7030

This bill expanded the school guardian program eligibility from non-instructional personnel to all school employees.

Ray Voted Yes